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MBC.jpgThe 7th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR'13) will be held in the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The Museum is located in the centre of Thessaloniki, in one of the most beautiful modern public buildings in Greece. The museum aims to present a wide-ranging view of life in Byzantine and the post-Byzantine period including but not limited to art, ideology, social structure and religion. In addition is explains how historical changes and the political situation affected people's everyday life.

 The Museum of Byzantine Culture is housed in a modern building 11.500 m² wide, of which 3.000 m² comprises the permanent exhibition area. It also includes spacious and well-organised conservation laboratories and storerooms, a small amphitheatre, a café-restaurant and a separate wing for temporary exhibitions, a space of 300 m².

The University

The Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATEI) of Thessaloniki is a publicly-funded higher education institution which specializes in applied technologies. Its main campus is located 12 km outside the city of Thessaloniki.

ATEI is organized in a series of Schools each of which consists of a number of Departments. The Schools are: School of Business Administration and Economics, School of Technological Applications, School of Agricultural Technology, School of Food Technology and Nutrition and School of Health and Medical Care.

To fulfill its mission, the ATEI of Thessaloniki participates in national and international research and development projects and maintains links with industry, business and other types of organizations. It also collaborates widely with other universities and technology institutes in Greece and abroad.

Contact Information

A.T.E.I. of Thessaloniki
P.O BOX 141
GR - 574 00 Thessaloniki,
Macedonia, GREECE
Tel: +30 31 791100, 791111, 791129
Fax: +30 2310 799152
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
University website


{gallery lightbox="boxplus" slider=boxplus.transition animation=3000 count=1 width=400 height=200 margin=20 alignment=right overlay=1}thessaloniki{/gallery}Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece (520km north of Athens) and the capital of the region of Central Macedonia as well as the capital of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Trace. Built near the sea, on the shores of the Thermaïkos Gulf, it has been a crossroad of cultures and civilizations for over 2300 years.

Acclaimed historian Mark Mazower illustrates in his book: Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews 1430-1950 how the city became a crossroad of different religions and ethnicities and the challenging ways they interrelated and influenced the flow of the city’s history. Also, Victoria Hislop’s novel ‘The Thread’ resurrects a significant historical moment of Thessaloniki, the Big Fire of 1917, and revives 80 years of the city’s history through the turbulent lives of her fictional characters.

Thessaloniki is a modern metropolitan city bearing the marks of its stormy history, its multicultural and cosmopolitan character, which give it a special beauty and charm. The city is known for the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments. The joyful lifestyle and vibrant youth culture led the city to be nominated as 2014 European Youth Capital. The natural beauty of neighboring destinations, the indulging gastronomy and the long tradition in wine-making made the city of Thessaloniki one of The National Geographic Traveler editors new year's 20 must-see places..

During each year, Thessaloniki hosts significant cultural and commercial festivities, such as the International Thessaloniki Film Festival (every November), the International Documentary Festival (every March), the Thessaloniki International Fair (every September), and the International Book Fair (every May). 


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Discover the city


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  • The White Tower (15th century), the hallmark of the city
  • The Heptapyrgion castle was raised in stages, from the early years of the Byzantine Age into the Ottoman period.
  • The archaeological site in 3 Septemvriou St., with remnants of a cemetery basilica, a martyrion and Early Christian graves.
  • The churches of Acheiropoietos (5th century) a three-aisled, timber-roofed basilica, the Holy Wisdom of God (Hagia Sophia) (7th century), Ayios Demetrios a splendid basilica dedicated to the patron saint and protector of the city, etc.
  • Vlatadon monastery a 14th century foundation in Old City (Ano Polis)
  • The Mosques of the Hamza Bey Cami (15th century), the Aladja Imaret Cami (1484) and the Yeni Cami  (1902).


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Neighborhoods and focal points in the city

  • The Old City (Ano Polis), in which many notable examples of Ottoman and traditional Macedonian architecture still stand.
  • The central Aristotelous Square, surrounded by monumental buildings and open to the waterfront for a width of 100 metres.
  • The historical quarter of the Ladadika. In recent years, a series of interventions to rehabilitate the urban fabric have helped to enhance the Ladadika as a quarter for leisure pursuits.
  • Thessaloniki Concert Hall. A newly-built, magnificent yet austere, multipurpose venue for cultural and other events.
  • National Theatre of Northern Greece. NTNG’s annual artistic programme combines in-house productions tributes, as well as guest performances from Greece and abroad.

Restaurants, Tavernas

Here is a selection of many restaurants and tavernas that you can find in the city centre:

  • Myrsini, Tsopela 2, tel.+30 2310228300
  • La Place Mignonne, Ethnikis Aminis 4, tel.+30 2310 288354
  • Dore, Stratigou Tsirogianni 7, tel +30 2310 279010
  • Molyvos Evergreen, Stratigou Tsirogianni 1, tel. +30 2310 224400
  • Coq au Zen, Bar Bistrot, Valaoritou 37, tel. +30 2310 520119
  • Punto Es, Frangon 2-4, tel. +30 2310 532 503
  • The ‘B’ - Stratou Avenue 2, tel. +30 2301 869 695
  • Kitchen Bar, Inside Thessaloniki Port, +30 2310502241

There are many tavernas at Athonos Square in the city centre.

Coffee, Bars

Thessaloniki is a city with thousands coffee shops and bars. In the city centre you can find coffee shops and Bars in every street. Here is just a small selection:

  • Viva Verdi, Aggelaki 25 & Alexandrou Svolou, tel. +30 2310 236803 
  • Émigré, Alexandrou Svolou 54, tel. +30 2310 2-62282
  • Oval, Filikis Etaireias 1, tel. .+302310 254533
  • Coq au Zen, Bar Bistrot, Valaoritou 37, tel. +30 2310 520119
  • The ‘B’ - Stratou Avenue 2, tel. +30 2301 869 695 


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Getting to Thessaloniki by air

“Makedonia” (SKG) is 16 km outside the city and served by many major airlines. You can check the flight departures, flight arrival and other flight information clicking here.

If you arrive at Thessaloniki by airplane you can reach the city centre either by taxi or a bus.  The cost for the taxi should be on average something between 20 to 25 euros from the airport to the city centre at Aristotelous square.  Keep in mind also that all taxis are equipped with taximeters and the taxi drivers are obliged to issue a receipt, although you may need to ask for it. 

As for the bus you can get number 78 and 78N (which stand for Night Line and it is running after 23.30). Details on the departure times you can check here for the route of 78N. On the right hand side of the screen you can select another bus line i.e. 78 or any other you may wish to check. As far as the ticket price is concerned this is 1 euro and you can get a ticket on the bus from the machine, but please keep in mind that no change is given so if you have a 2 euro coin don’t expect any change back. 

Getting to Thessaloniki by car

Thessaloniki is connected with the following cities through E75, E90 and E79 highways: Watch on Map

  • Athens through Highway A1, E75 in about 5 hrs
  • Skopje (F.Y.R.O.M.) through Highway A1, E75 in about 3 hrs
  • Belgrade (Serbia) through Highway A1, E75 in about 7 hrs
  • Istanbul (Turkey) through Highway A1, E90 in about 8 hrs
  • Tirana (Albania) through Highway Α29 and Α2 in about 6 hrs
  • Sofia (Bulgaria) through Highway A1, E75 in about 4 hrs
  • Constanta (Romania) in about 8 hr

Getting to Thessaloniki by train

The main Thessaloniki’s train station provides connections to Athens and other destinations in Greece. Information: State Rail ways office at No 18, Aristotelous St. tel: 2310-276382 and the new railway terminal, tel: 2310-517517, for railway passenger reservation and train schedule tel: 1110 and for customer service tel: 14511.

Practical Info

Emergency Numbers

In case of an emergency during your stay in Thessaloniki, call one of the following telephones asking for assistance.

Medical Aid

• Ambulance: 166
• General Hospital of Thessaloniki: +30 2310-693000

Public Services

  • Police: 100, +30 2310 388000
  • Municipal police: +30 2310 251 900
  • Tourist police: +30 2310 554870-1
  • Traffic police: +30 2310557549
  • Fire Dep.: 199
  • Greek National Tourism Organization (E.O.T.): +30 2310221100 

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