One day interdisciplinary MUMIA Working Group meeting on standards and protocols for search technologies

Date: Tuesday 19th November (9:00 – 18:00)

Venue: Hotel Electra Palace, Thessaloniki, Greece



The complexity of the tasks which need to be performed by professional searchers, which usually include not only retrieval but also information analysis, monitoring and understanding tasks, require association, pipelining and possibly integration of information as well as synchronization and coordination of multiple and potentially concurrent search views produced from different datasets, search tools and User Interfaces. Many facets of IR/NLP technologies aim to at least partially address these demands. However, companies developing search solutions and professional search systems cannot easily integrate and use the results of the tremendous success of web search technologies and the results that the many different groups in IR/NLP R&D have produced during the last two decades when the research on these areas was exploded.

This interdisciplinary MUMIA Working Group meeting aims to bring together various facets of IR/NLP research, search solution providers and search tool developers, and promote discussion between them towards the development of standards and protocols facilitating the integration of IR/NLP technologies and search tools into next generation professional search systems. These discussions and such a standardised framework are required to achieve better integration of existing, current and future IR/NLP research into the development of next generation professional search systems. We believe that the development of integrated professional search systems will greatly benefit if communication and coordination protocols are well defined to allow interoperability between different IR and NLP tools.

This one day meeting has the following objectives:

  • Bring together science and industry to discuss and prioritize the needs and challenges for developing standards and protocols in the domain of search technologies.
  • Explore the best ways to launch a standardization initiative for creating standards and protocols for integrating  IR/NLP search tools and technologies.



Co-organised with the Byzantine Museum




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